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About Savvy

In 2021, Savvy Capital leveraged its marketing background to help businesses in the capital market, making it's mark with a large scale marketing campaign for a company's IPO on the TSX. Since then, we have worked with companies listed on CSE, OTC, NYSE and FSE around the globe.

Expanding our footprint in 2021/22, we moved into the private markets, facilitating meetings between businesses and investors internationally. This shift enabled us to channel $100M+ globally, showcasing our growing market influence.

Institutional Investors
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Institutional Investors

Leveraging the same databases used by prominent investment bankers, venture capitalists and private equity firms around the world, we've created our own 3rd party tools in order to scale the efforts of these traditional firms 10X. This leads to more high quality meetings with Institutions beyond just our networks and relationships built with top firms around the world from A16Z to Blackrock.

Our strategy involves direct outreach to 5,000-20,000 investors per campaign, equating to over 100 outreaches daily. Our proficient back end team is comprised of investment bankers, former VC professionals and masters graduates of finance.

Accredited Retail

Building on our extensive database of over 4 million global institutional investors, we also specialize in reaching accredited retail investors. These individuals meet stringent financial criteria, either earning a minimum of $200,000 annually for the last three years or
possessing $1 million in assets. These investors are generally best for smaller raises or income producing investments.

Angels & HNW

Similarly, our Angel Investor outreach leverages the same robust strategies that have secured meetings with industry giants like JP Morgan and Blackrock. This program is particularly effective for early-stage or pre-revenue businesses, setting the stage for successful capital raising.

We’ve Booked Meetings With:

Case Studies

Austin Gold

  • Full scale social media management,
  • Stock up nearly 100%+ following first month engagement
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Paid Advertising/Lead Generation
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Indie Power Systems

  • Videos created in order to lower cost per acquisition down to $20 per lead
  • Investors qualified based on their ability to invest a minimum of $10,000 into the Reg Cf
  • 80% of individuals responded “Yes” to this qualifying question
  • Indie Power Systems was able to fill the Reg CF of $1.5M

Closing rate of about 20% of leads

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Over $1Million of leads produced

Infinity Stone Ventures

  • Over $20 Million in retail buying power created (attributed to promotional videos ran by Financial influencers), one Financial Influencer Video generated 4.5 Million Views
  • Increased daily trading volume from 30,000 to 300,000 shares per day
  • Over 1,000 leads of active investors generated at a cost per lead of $20 in the first week and the campaign continues to create daily leads, over $1.5 Million in buying
  • Created subsequently with new buys coming in daily with $30,000 remaining  in the campaigns budget
  • Campaign still actively generating daily leads, fostering over $1.5 million in new buying power
  • Direct calls to leads generated over $200,000 in subsequent buys
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Renaissance Bioscience

  • Brought on to assist in a $10M CAD Capital Raise
  • Company had existing banking syndicate working the deal (Canaccord, Research Capital, IA Capital)
  • Dramatically outperformed the traditional firms
  • Brought in multiple term sheets totalling over 25M+
  • Connected the company with 20+ groups they hadn’t spoken with yet
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What Our Clients Have To Say

“It’s been a great experience working with savvy social. They have a great team and help you with your fundraising exercises. Special mention to Santiago and Fabian. They give valuable feedback and fine tune your pitch to suit the current trends. Overall, would def recommend them for startup fundraising.”

Zak Ahmed, Kinesis

Kinesis Manufacturing Solutions, spearheaded by former UCT semiconductor head, specializes in creating future-proof semiconductor machines, promising sustained relevance despite chip upgrades. Positioned in the booming $550B semiconductor industry, Kinesis combines expertise and foresight to revolutionize chip manufacturing with efficient investment options and attractive financial projections. Targeting giants like ASML and Lam Research as potential clients

About Kinesis

Savvy Has Exceeded all expectations in terms of level of service, professionalism and ROI. Alex and his team deliver a tailored approach to marketing awareness, leveraging unique channels and a proprietary strategy that set them apart from competition. Having worked with a number of marketing firms, i would not hesitate to recommend Savvy above others.

Zach Kalyan, Infinity Stone Ventures

CSE listed symbol GEMS, Infinity Stone Ventures Corp., a mineral exploration company, focused on the exploration and development of critical minerals and Electric Vehicle and infrastucture related minerals for a clean bright future.

About Infinity Stone Ventures

Within days we had a solid meeting with a VC firm while they continued to drive conversion to our product through an efficient and effective ad campaign. Super solid team, great communication and wonderful work ethic make this a complete package with solid ROI.

Cole Wilson

Ohr Medical™ is a Toronto-based clinic specializing in non-invasive weight loss and pain management treatments. Leveraging FDA and Health Canada approved technology and expertise, they offer franchise opportunities in the thriving health sector, with plans for US and Canadian expansion. The company has showcased significant year-over-year revenue growth since its inception in 2020.

OHR Medical

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